Salt treatment

With thirty years’ worth of experience acquired over time, Dal Maso Group has patented a system capable of obtaining a new "raw material" from industrial waste, without affecting natural resources, but, on the contrary, making better use of materials that would otherwise have to be sent to landfill.
The sodium chloride we treat is recovered from companies operating in different fields (e.g. metal, chemical, tanning, food etc.) and has not been subject to any chemical contamination because it was used for early production processes.
Once treated and sanitised, it becomes almost 100% pure and can be reused as a product for the road-safety and maintenance sector.

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01. Collection of waste salt

The salt used in the manufacturing processes of the relevant industries is brought to our plant instead of being sent to landfill

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02. Treatment

The salt is processed with a patented system that uses a thermal and mechanical process

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03. New raw material

The treated salt is ready to be marketed and used by the road-safety sector as de-icing salt

The patented salt-recovery system: from waste to new raw material

This process involves a kind of full cycle to recover the salt. Once it has been treated, it is ready to be placed on the market as a de-icer for road maintenance during winter.
The sanitisation treatment is carried out through a thermal process, using a high-temperature furnace that allows us to recover all of the treated material, completely removing the dangerous bacterial load.

The subsequent phases to mechanically separate the organic and inorganic parts are carried out through a complex sieving system. This produces an end product that is classified as a raw material and is suitable for sale and use for anti-icing roads.
An outstanding industrial process that helps prolong the life of a product by reducing amount of waste sent to landfill.

Advantages and qualities of our salt ECOSGELO®

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This product is made by using waste materials instead of exploiting natural resources

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Unlike sea salt, it is 99% dry, giving it greater mechanical action

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Variable grain size

The variable grain size makes it more durable in action

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Works at -5°

Works at temperatures above -5°C, in conditions with high atmospheric humidity, and is even effective in small amounts